Camaro-Corvette Pickup Truck Is a Horrible Hack Job

Like a bad taco you know you shouldn't have eaten, some things refuse to stay down and come back onto the internet with a vengeance. Check out this custom-built truck, first spotted back in 2011 and now eager to make itself the laughing stock of the whole internet.
Camaro-Vette S10 Pickup 5 photos
Photo: Reddit user TalesOfAReseller209
Camaro-Vette S10 PickupCamaro-Vette S10 PickupCamaro-Vette S10 PickupCamaro-Vette S10 Pickup
Apparently, this is based on an old Chevrolet S10 2-door, which the owner spent $14,500 to customize. His vision is admittedly warped, as it features the front bumper of a Camaro SS and the rear one from a C6 Corvette. The whole side is custom-built front fiberglass and there are no less than three totally useless and ridiculous wings, two located on the back and one on top of the cab. And get this: the owner ran out of money and tried to sell it for $10,000.

The Camaro-Vette, which is now fully loaded with Reddit hate, is like an American version of Bosozoku, but without the cool paint finish and the million hours spent on the fine details. We never understood why, for the love of God, some people don't paint these horrible machines

Should you buy it? No. But if 2,000 people pitched in and gave us $5 each, we could buy the S10 and finally put it out of its misery.

We really want to meet the guy who built thins thing. Because he either took a joke too far or is aliens-are-probing-me crazy and needs professional help. At any point in his $14,000 investment, he could have taken one step back and realized it looks horrible.
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