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Camaro Bumblebee Transformers Edition Donut Fail

Ladies and Gentlemen drivers, the adjacent video is a perfect example of what happens when you want to put on a hooning show and you mix a rear-wheel drive car with no LSD with a driver that’s not used to this kind of controlled abuse.
The clip, which comes from Youtube user Gnepiah, shows us a Camaro Bumblebee Transformers Edition trying to bake some donuts at a supercar event. The driver tries to convince the rear end to step out in order to feed the crowd, but it takes a few failed “runs” for him to get the car into a smoking mood.

Even after that, the vehicle spins in a less than gracious way, with the inner wheels being the only one sliding and oversteer barely being present. However, towards the end of the video, a Ford GT shows up and teaches the Camaro a lesson.


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