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Calypso 30 Offers a Fully-Customizable Boating Experience – Get Ready for Summer 2022
Sure, winter is coming, for some, even here. But this is the perfect time to get ready for next year's summer activities. One industry I recommend looking at is boating, and Chris Craft is one of the teams to check out.

Calypso 30 Offers a Fully-Customizable Boating Experience – Get Ready for Summer 2022

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If you've never heard of Chris Craft, they're an American boat-building team currently under the Winnebago Industries family tree. According to their website, they're on a mission to "design and build premium boats and yachts," in the process, looking to make boating as accessible as possible.

While we've featured some of their works before, today we'll be looking at a boat that starts off at nothing more than 336,550 USD (295,893 EUR at current exchange rates), so yeah, you too can get into boating for about the price of a Class A motorhome. Best of all, like most things Winnebago, the Calypso is completely customizable to your needs, so bring along some extra cash.

To understand a bit more about the Calypso 30, you've got to know that it's designed to be a boat that offers amenities aimed at comfort, style, and capability. With that said, Calypso is a boat with a length of 30.5 feet (9.3 meters) and features a beam of 10.16 feet (3.1 meters). With a dry weight of 8,700 lbs (3,946 kg), you can tow this down to the lake with the proper rig and trailer.

If you've ever been shopping for a boat, you know just how darn extensive the options and features list can be. Well, the 30 is no different and includes more features, options, and materials that I could fit in two, even three articles; I'll do my best to stick to the important stuff.

Tip to tail, the 30 can fit up to 12 guests that will be lounging around in numerous spaces, of which, a bow lounge, designed to accommodate sun-loving lizards or a small group. With a walk-through that passes through the cockpit, the rear of the vessel is accessible. Here, guests will be able to access a massive lounge that's equipped with a folding table. Aft, the motors are in place and accessible by an entrance on the boat's port side. It's onto this base machine that Chris Craft incorporates leathers, composites, woods, and semiprecious metals to create the Calypso 30. Heck, the team even managed to put a bathroom inside the ship.

But, comfort and lounging aren't all this boat can do; it's also equipped o handle an array of watery activities. There are entire sections of the ship designated for fishing and other watersports. Why not talk to Chris Craft about mounting tow rigs for skiers and wakeboarders.

Now, if you ever decide that the Calypso 30 is the sort of addition you want in your garage for next summer, give Chris Craft a call, but be warned, I recommend you bring along more cash than the initial asking price. Why?

Well, I decided to purchase my own Calypso 30 and realized I had to go through an entire customization process to see my dream machine. This allowed me to modify trims, lighting, helm features, and even the motors. Once I was finished adding Yamaha 4-stroke motors, a hardtop, and Garmin navigational gear, plus a few other features, I had created a boat with a price of 440,000 USD. While that may seem like quite a bit, I bet you can figure out how to turn a Calypso 30 into a money-making machine.

While it may seem crazy to tell you about a boat you'll just be looking at in your garage, winter seems the best season to prepare for next year's summer. Something to consider if you're looking to change your lifestyle.


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