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California Cracks Down On Sideshow Participants With New Law

In the effort to reduce sideshows and similar stunts on California roads, Gov. Newsom has just signed a new bill into law that criminalizes the practice. 
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For many who drive regularly in California, traffic jams are only made more frustrating by sideshows. These sideshows are defined by groups of motorists that actually shut down intersections, multi-lane highways, or other public roads to perform stunts. 

Often times, these sideshows produce spectators who only serve to slow traffic even more, while increasing the chances of someone being injured during the illegal activity. These types of events have been going on for years, but until now, only so much could be done. 

California has a law against contests of speed, otherwise known to the rest of us as drag racing, but sideshows aren't the same and thusly didn't carry the same serious penalties. Now, sideshow participants have more to consider. 

The new law, just signed by Gavin Newsom, provides a mechanism for the state to suspend participants driver's licenses for anywhere from 90 days to six months. Those convicted can also be fined up to $500. 

One Californian representative said “This law helps make our communities safer by giving law enforcement another tool to curb reckless sideshows... We’re sending a message that this dangerous activity is no longer acceptable.”

Previously, even those convicted for street racing could only be sentenced to 90 days and fined up to $500. While those are stiff penalties in the eyes of most, they proved not to be enough to discourage illegal activity. 

Those convicted aren't totally up a creek when it comes to driving though. The law does give the court the freedom to consider allowing such ones to drive to and from their place of employment. Only time will tell if these measures will reduce sideshows to the degree desired.


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