Cadillac XT5 Loved by Consumer Reports Despite High Price, CUE System

Cadillac tried to reinvent itself with the ELR. But we think the development money was better spent on the all-new XT5. Sure, it's just a crossover. But it comes with many innovations that the SRX predecessor lacked and which most customers will appreciate.
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Consumer Reports was given a top-of-the-line XT5 to review, and it didn't disappoint in any major way. Our only problem is the absurd price. We thought the Mercedes GLC cost too much money at $49k, but this Cadillac is over $62,000.

Back in June 2009 when GM filed for Chapter 11, you couldn't imagine a Cadillac like this one ever existing. The interior is far better than a BMW's, the chassis is light, and the powertrain is relatively advanced.

Nobody is going to write a full editorial about how awesome the V6 engine in this crossover is. For starters, it's not turbocharged, so it doesn't have that sport punch you get with a BMW. If you want people to say nice things about a Cadillac, you've got to give it a V8.

Of course, that's not what the XT5 is all about. Its 3.6-liter engine really is completely new, featuring stuff like active cylinder managements (uuu!) and stop/start (aaa!). Even though it's only got 310 horsepower, because the gearbox has more cogs and the chassis is about two people lighter, it feels a lot faster than the SRX. If you are going to compare it to the Lexus RX 350, you will notice that the exhaust on the Cadillac sounds way better, but the Japanese car is roomier and cheaper.

If you see an XT5 riding on 20-inch alloys, that means it also features another layer of technology. To make the ride a little smoother, Cadillac fitted adjustable dampers developed by ZF. In the Sport mode, there is almost no body lean. Also, this Cadillac features selectable all-wheel drive.

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