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C8 Corvette Drag Races Ferrari 488 Pista, Obliteration Follows

Is the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, with its 495 ponies, a member of the supercar club? Well, we're going to answer that with... another question: what happens when the 2020 'Vette drag races one of the fiercest track specials out there, namely the Ferrari 488 Pista?
C8 Corvette Drag Races Ferrari 488 Pista 4 photos
C8 Corvette Drag Races Ferrari 488 PistaC8 Corvette Drag Races Ferrari 488 PistaC8 Corvette Drag Races Ferrari 488 Pista
Now, the sheer muscle number of the Prancing Horse, which sits at 720 hp, will tell you that there's a clear winner in this race, at least if the slab of America comes to the battle in factory trim.

Now, there are already certain modded C8 Corvettes out there, with these ranging from the twin-turbo build Hennessey Performance is working on to nitrous-fed beasts that have descended into the 10s quarter-mile arena. And the number of such gym-visiting toys will only grow.

However, the 2020 Chevy Corvette we have here isn't among the said tuner rides. Instead, we're looking at a C8 fitted with the Z51 package, which guarantees the output mentioned above.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Italian exotic is well over five times more expensive than the Corvette - the latter is expected to become pricier now that the starting-at-$60,000 2020 model is no longer in production, but it's not like the increase will make that much of a difference for this comparo.

Fortunately, the pair of mid-engined machines duked it out in safe conditions, since the velocity brawl took place on a privately-owned drag strip.

The Maranello creation and the Chevrolet engaged in multiple battles, as you'll get to see in the piece of footage below. As such, standing start shenanigans await you at the 4:50 and 7:42 points of the clip, while you'll also find a rolling start adventure at the 6:05 point (the brawl kicked off at around 40 mph).

PS: In case you're still wondering about the purpose of such a stunt, this can at least be used as a reference point once those forced induction C8s start doing their thing.

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