C8 Corvette Drag Races Dodge Demon, a Gap Is Born

These days, C8 Chevrolet Corvette owners with solid social media accounts try to extract all the possible performance out of their mid-engined toys, even if it means blowing the engine. So the idea of a 2020 'Vette, which is a 495 hp machine in stock form, racing an 800+ hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon shouldn't surprise you.
C8 Corvette Drag Races Dodge Demon 4 photos
2020 Corvette Drag Races Dodge Demon2020 Corvette Drag Races Dodge Demon2020 Corvette Drag Races Dodge Demon
Of course, even with the Mopar machine's serious extra weight and the quicker shifts of the Corvette (think: dual-clutch vs torque converter automatic), the sheer muscle difference between the two means the Dodge will easily get ahead if a rolling start is chosen, since it wouldn't have to struggle to put the power down.

As such, the battle we have here involves a standing start - given the weight distribution of the two cars, the Corvette has a clear advantage when it comes to getting traction off the line. So there are two options for such a brawl: you can use the drag strip or duke it out on the street.

Dodge set up the Demon for the prepped surface of the strip, even though hitting the official 9.65s quarter-mile time of the Challenger requires specific conditions. As such, a race on an unprepped surface will give the Chevy an advantage and this is precisely the path the two drivers we have here chose.

For the record, the C8 Corvette came to the race in stock form, as stated by its owner, YouTuber JMC Rides. As for the Challenger Demon, this had left its factory tires behind in favor of Mickey Thompson ET Street R rubber, while wearing its low-drag skinny front wheels for the race. Its owner had also removed the catalytic converters, albeit while claiming no further modding had been done.

The two tried to race using the good old three-horn trick, but, since the Demon owner stated he couldn't hear the horn over his loud exhaust, the racers decided that the 'Vette would take off just after the Dodge got off the line for the next two races. And yes, the Challenger did perform a burnout before each brawl.

PS: You can skip to the 6:21 point of the video below for the first race.

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