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C3 Corvette with BMW M3 Engine Is Real, Offends Everybody

These days, it's impossible to browse the car-related part of the Internet without noticing cries about the 2020 Toyota Supra using BMW tech bits. So how about a Corvette that's animated by a straight-six produced by the Bavarians?
C3 Corvette with BMW M3 Engine 4 photos
C3 Corvette with BMW M3 EngineC3 Corvette with BMW M3 EngineC3 Corvette with BMW M3 Engine
We're talking about a C3, with this having lost its V8. The engine compartment of the 'Vette now packs two less cylinders - it looks like the Chevy is animated by an S52. This was the engine used on the facelifted E36 M3 and corresponding Z3 M, but only for the North American market. Sadly, while the Euro spec saw the machines using the S50 straight-six delivered 321 hp, the American spec units had to make due with 240 ponies.

So, compared to the factory V8 of the third-gen Chevrolet Corvette, this is actually a downgrade, at least if the BMW M motor is still in stock form.

Well, given the said tech details and the fact that such an engine swap will infuriate more than just purists, why make the move?

According to Instagram gossip, the crew who handled the build got this 'Vette for nothing, but the Chevrolet obviously came with nothing under the hood. And since the aficionados already had the said M3 mill hanging around, the unholy union simply had to take place.

After all, if the team had simply thrown in a small block, this thing wouldn't have been under the spotlights now, would it?

Speaking of which, this contraption came to my attention via the Instagram page of the 24 Hours Of Le Mons (you know, the endurance race one can actually afford to take part in), as you'll be able to notice below.

And while there's still a number plate attached to the back of the C3 Corvette, it looks like the thing also serves track duties. Also, that exhaust setup looks sweet.


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