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BYD Prepares to Invade Europe With a Station Wagon and a Cabrio

BYD is doing really well in its home market. If that does not mean that it is time to expand abroad more aggressively, the two prototypes recently photographed in China may be what it takes. We’re talking about a convertible and a station wagon, none of which are any popular in China: people like them in Europe.
BYD is creating a convertible car based on the Han 8 photos
Rendering of the BYD Han convertible that is circulating in Chinese social mediaBYD is creating a station wagon based on the HanBYD is creating a station wagon based on the HanBYD is creating a convertible car based on the HanBYD is creating a convertible car based on the HanBYD celebrated 150,000 Han units sold since its presentationBYD celebrated 150,000 Han units sold since its presentation
Both prototypes are based on the Han, which is the first vehicle to use BYD’s Blade Battery. The E-segment sedan has celebrated selling 150,000 units on December 23. Considering sales started at the beginning of 2020, BYD delivers around 6,000 cars per month, which is suitable for such a large car. However, BYD knows it can sell more.

The first attempt to do that was to create a station wagon prototype, as reported. According to the Chinese website, few other local companies dared to make a station wagon, which shows this is clearly a vehicle for foreign markets.

The front grille shows it is based on the Han DM (dual-mode), the plug-in hybrid derivative BYD also sells in China. Its 15.2-kWh battery pack offers an all-electric range of 81 km (50 mi) under the NEDC cycle. The station wagon should be about the same size and offer slightly less range.

The convertible Han will probably be a four-seater. However, the images do not show if it has a hard roof or one made of fabric, which is more likely – as a rendering that went viral in China demonstrates. Since the wheels are the same ones of the Han in its extended range version, thinks it may have a range of 605 kilometers (376 miles). The additional weight and the worse aerodynamics will undoubtedly reduce that number.

Sometimes, prototypes do not reach production lines, as the Jaguar XJ sadly exemplifies. In any case, it would be lovely to see BYD offer these other body styles based on the Han. Even under disguise, they already look promising. With competitive pricing, they would be well received by European customers needing more luggage space or just wanting to drive without a roof.


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