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BYD May Produce 300,000 NEVs in August – Backlog is for 700,000 Vehicles

People are still fighting about who is the largest EV seller in the world: BYD or Tesla. For the ones that consider plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) can be included, BYD is the winner. The more selective ones who claim only battery electric vehicles (BEVs) matter know Tesla is still ahead. That may change by the end of 2022: BYD is planning to deliver 300,000 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in August.
BYD Seal deliveries are yet to begin – the company expects to deliver 300,000 NEVs in August 12 photos
BYD SealBYD Seal sells 22,637 units in less than six hoursBYD Seal sells 22,637 units in less than six hoursBYD SealBYD SealBYD SealBYD SealBYD SealBYD SealBYD Seal pricesBYD Seal deliveries are yet to begin – the company expects to deliver 300,000 NEVs in August
The information came from Jiemian, and CNEVPost first reported it in English. According to the Chinese media outlet, BYD plans to achieve that number in August to lower the tremendous backlog the company currently faces: more than 700,000 orders are waiting to be fulfilled. Starting at around $15,500, the Dolphin is only restricted in sales by production capacity.

BYD currently has six car factories and ten battery plants in China. The vehicle factories are in Changsha, Changzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, and Xi'an, with a Hefei plant having recently started production. According to CNEVPost, BYD has three other factories in construction: Jinan, Xiangyang, and Zhengzhou. Jinan and Zhengzhou should start pumping out cars by the end of 2022.

If BYD manages to deliver 300,000 cars in August, it should at least keep the same pace until the end of the year. After all, the Hefei plant will soon increase its production, and new plants should add capacity soon. Historically, more than half of the NEVs BYD produces are BEVs. If the Chinese carmaker delivers more than 300,000 NEVs in August, expect more than 150,000 to have only a battery pack as their electricity source.

At that pace, BYD may deliver more than 450,000 BEVs and 900,000 NEVs per quarter. Tesla’s number in Q2 was 258,580. In July, both Giga Shanghai and Giga Grünheide stopped production for adjustments, which means they will manufacture fewer vehicles for Tesla this month. The current difference between the American EV maker and BYD in terms of BEVs is 236,963 vehicles.

As we said in our previous article, BYD could become the uncontroversial world BEV leader by the end of 2022. We just did not imagine the Chinese carmaker was so prepared to get there. If Jiemian is right, BYD will beat Tesla and prevent way more carbon from hitting the atmosphere than it celebrated it already did.


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