By 2018, Over 12% of Cars Will to Be Diesels

Rudolf Diesel 1 photo
Following in the footsteps of Europe, countries around the world are just starting to embrace the diesel engine as a viable alternative to its spark-aided counterpart, the petrol engine. Around half of all cars bought in Europe are are propelled along by mere compression, however, no other place on earth has an even remotely similar percentage.
Factor in the considerable improvement in fuel economy, and the diesel car’s price premium is recovered, but only if you drive it regularly, as you do need to drive it for a while before it starts paying off. Now, according to Pikes Research senior analyst Lisa Jerram, “a diesel vehicle typically gets 20 percent to 40 percent better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline car. This factor, along with favorable tax treatment for diesel fuel, has made diesel cars tremendously popular in Europe, where they have accounted for around 50% of LDV sales over the past several years. Due to Europe’s very high fuel prices, the price premium of a diesel car can be paid off quickly.

Also, do not for a second forget that diesel engines can run on anything that will burn and we already have viable alternatives to oil-derived diesel fuel. As I stated in a recent editorial, diesels could and should be our future and it would be a far simpler transition from petrol to renewably-fueled diesel, than from petrol to EVs, hybrids or hydrogen. Today, diesels are by far the simplest and cheapest method to ‘go green’, as any non-turbo diesel engine can be made to run on vegetable oil with minimal mechanical intervention. Think of all those lovely diesel powered old Mercs from the ‘70s and ‘80s just lying around, waiting to be brought back to life, but not with diesel!

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