Buying a Used Truck? Here Are Scotty Kilmer's Budget-Friendly Top Picks

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Scotty Kilmer Recommending Budget-Friendly Pickup TrucksScotty Kilmer Recommending Budget-Friendly Pickup TrucksScotty Kilmer Recommending Budget-Friendly Pickup TrucksScotty Kilmer Recommending Budget-Friendly Pickup TrucksScotty Kilmer Recommending Budget-Friendly Pickup Trucks
Scotty Kilmer might be known in the car community as a controversial figure, but the mechanic is betting on delivering content on a surprisingly strict schedule and helping people kickstart their motor knowledge. In his latest video, he’s trying to convince you to get one of the following inexpensive trucks if you don’t want to or can’t spend a lot on a vehicle.
Listening to Scotty Kilmer isn’t something many people would do. However, the mechanic-turned-YouTuber has a large following on the social network, and he’s uploading footage daily. This dedication made him one of the most well-known auto mechanics in the U.S.

Granted, some of his videos are weird stories or contain some factually incorrect information. But others – like the one down below – offer good suggestions that some might actually find useful.

The first used pickup truck Kilmer recommends for those that don’t have much money to spend is the 2003 Nissan Frontier (also known as Navara in other markets). He says the V6 under the hood is reliable and powerful enough to help you carry or tow almost anything the average American might need to. Even so, he points out that the rubber timing belt might be a weak aspect to consider. In his opinion, chains are much better. The mechanic also says the buyer should check for rust.

The second budget-friendly pickup truck the auto mechanic recommends is the “oldie but still goodie” Ford F-250. The 5.4-liter 300-HP V8 engine, the five-speed automatic gearbox, and the large bed are what make this a viable option. It can comfortably tow 15,000 lbs (6,800 kg). He also says these trucks are easy to diagnose and fix thanks to Ford’s smart yet simple software.

The third and last pickup truck Scotty Kilmer chose is the V6-powered 2003 Toyota Tundra. The mechanic says it is very dependable, and customers from some northern states might even get the frame replaced for free.
Now watch the video and see the whole story if you’d like to know more about these three trucks recommended by Scotty Kilmer.

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