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Butchered 1964 Pontiac GTO Deserves a Better Fate, Not Really a Walk in the Park

Pontiac produced close to 32,500 GTOs back in 1964, and the hardtop obviously accounted for the lion’s share with nearly 18,500 units.
1964 Pontiac GTO 13 photos
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The base model was fitted with a 389 (6.3-liter) V8 developing 325 horsepower, and unsurprisingly, no more, no less than 24,200 of the GTOs that ended up seeing the daylight used this particular configuration.

Fitted with a 4-barrel Carter carburetor, a Hurst shifter, and heavy-duty suspension, the base GTO was just the right choice for the majority of customers. But Pontiac was also offering more powerful versions of the same engine anyway, with the top-of-the-range configuration producing 348 horsepower.

The GTO you are looking at is a very rough 1964 example that needs nothing but total restoration. The butchered model has lost some parts, but eBay seller rustaddiction says they managed to find pretty much all the components that would be required for full restoration.

On the other hand, given the parts have been procured from other GTOs, what you can build right now is a maroon model that also requires some metalwork.

Clearly, this GTO isn’t the kind of project that can be done by someone with basic know-how on this front, as it looks like a very challenging job that would require a ton of work pretty much in every single regard.

But the good news is that most parts are already there, obviously not in the best shape, but at least they’re around and ready to pave the way to a full restoration.

As anyone would expect, this GTO, along with all the other parts to build a maroon sibling, isn’t selling for cheap. The bidding starts at $8,000, but so far, nobody has entered the race to take it home. Time will tell if this GTO receives a second chance, but at first glance, most netizens believe the pricing is too ambitious in the first place.

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