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Businessman Shot in Traffic During Carjacking, Drives Himself to Safety

A 27-year-old businessman from Brazil was the target of an attempted carjacking and ended up shot twice, while stuck in traffic, at the wheel of his car. He still managed to drive himself to safety.
Business in Honda Civic is shot while stuck in traffic, in attempted carjacking 6 photos
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Brazilian authorities have released CCTV footage of the violent attack: it’s available at this link. It occurred north of Rio de Janeiro, as David Estevez Barbosa was driving himself back home in his Honda Civic, after a visit with his in-laws.

He had stopped at the lights in an intersection, when he was attacked by masked thugs that jumped out of no less than 3 cars. They were all carrying weapons (some of them machine guns) and they started shooting at about the same time, while also trying to avoid the bullets that were ricocheting off the ground.

Two of these bullets hit Barbosa: one in the back and one in the temple. Still, he managed to ram the car in front of him in order to make his escape, and was able to drive himself farther from the intersection. To his bad luck, the attackers followed him, pried open the door of the car when they couldn’t break in the window, and took something from inside before fleeing, The Sun reports.

The police don’t say what the stolen item was, but they do say Barbosa’s wallet and phone (together with an Airsoft gun) were inside the car when they inspected it later.

In the CCTV video, Barbosa is seen slumped out of the vehicle. Then, out of nowhere, he gets up, shuts the door and drives off – he later said he’d heard gunshots again and feared the attackers were coming back. In reality, it was a police unit doing the shooting, this time.

Barbosa drove like this for almost a mile, when he came across a police cruiser. He pulled over and passed out, and is now in the hospital, recovering from his injuries. He is expected to survive.

One of the assailants died at the hospital, after being injured by a stray bullet coming from one of his mates. As police put it, this is what happens when you form a circle around your target: you’re bound to hit one of your own. Police are also asking people who might know anything about the vicious attack to come forward.


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