Bushmaster 4000-X Mixes Off-Road Capability With Low Bucks To Handle Your Adventure Ideas

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Photo: Hard Korr Campers
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Depending on who you ask, you'll always get a different answer to what an RV or camper should be. However, if you ask someone like me, your average Joe, I'd say that I want it to be capable, put me in touch with nature, and above all, it won't make me cry as I dish out the asking price.
Folks, I recently stumbled upon an Australian RV manufacturer that seems to be offering some of the most amazing camper trailers I've witnessed in a while. Better said, it would be that they pack a solid bang for the buck ratio. Considering the Bushmaster 4000-X will only cost you $33,000 Australian ($22,800 at current exchange rates), and you get most of what you see in the gallery, you too may agree. If you need a bit more convincing, read on.

First of all, before we explore the 4000, it should help to know a bit about the crew behind this machine, Hardkorr Campers. If this crew is new to you, until about a week ago, it was unknown to me too. Nonetheless, with an experience in the RV market since 2015, this crew has grown to be known for dishing out capable and affordable machines to help folks like you and me get back to exploring the great outdoors.

Now, I want you to picture that you just picked up one of these buggers and have hit the road. As you're driving along, you shouldn't even feel the camper behind your truck; it comes in with a dry weight of 1,050 kilograms (2,315 pounds) and can support up to 1,500 kilograms (3,306 pounds) of total weight. A ball weight of 125 kilograms (275 pounds) means you won't need to dish out the biggest guns for this one.

Bushmaster 4000\-X
Photo: Hard Korr Campers
All of a sudden, the asphalt you were driving down turns into nothing but a gravel road with pits, uneven ground, and even rocks in some places. Since this is precisely what you planned for, you continue with a smile on your face knowing that a dual shock, independent suspension is carrying all of your goodies. You just worry about not reaching any tipping points. If the elements start taking a crack at you while trying to reach your campgrounds, a hot-dip galvanized chassis is in place, and the body is steel coated with zinc to help fight them off.

Once you've made it through the rocky patches, mud pits, and maybe even a river bed or two, it's time to press forward to where you planned. Suddenly, one of the two kids starts throwing a fit, and unable to calm him or her down while driving, you and your significant other decide that the meadow you're in now is as good a place to camp out as any.

Without further delay, tasks are given to the kids, and it's on to unfurling your home. Since the 4000 is very similar to another camper from this crew, the 3600-X, this one doesn't feature an interior living space either. However, it makes up for this lack of interior space with the ability to accommodate a rooftop tent and another annex, not to mention awnings and the like.

Bushmaster 4000\-X
Photo: Hard Korr Campers
So what's that entire shell for anyway? Space so that you can bring everything you need to survive in the wild for a few days, depending on how many people are traveling. The maximum occupancy of the 4000 is two adults and two children. Nonetheless, with 2,300 liters (607 gallons) of storage space, you should have room for a portable toilet, shower setup, tools, and gear for adventure activities. Some of this space is also used for things like a water pump, electrical system, and a large outdoor galley that slides right into the shell.

With your mobile habitat unfurled, and the kids back with firewood, it's time to start up the galley for dinner, and dessert will be the traditional marshmallow and chocolate over an open fire. As the sun sets, the wonderous sky above comes alive with the stars our ancestors have gazed upon for millennia. Talk about getting in touch with your roots.

And what, it cost you how much? Nearly $23,000? Sounds like a sweet way to spend extended weekends while we still can; winter is indeed coming, and the fun will have to wait until next year. Just a little something-something to consider if you're looking to catch some of the last days of this year's off-grid season. Happy camping.
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