Burov Art Koenigsegg Concept Bike Is a Lotus C-01, C’mon!

When I first read the headline of the initial Behance-sourced news I was thrilled. Knowing how stunningly insane Koenigsegg’s carbon cars are, I was expecting a similarly breathtaking concept for a motorcycle. Indeed, that sounded so awesomely glorious, especially as the winter is only getting colder here and a hardcore bike defiantly showing off the Koenigsegg badge seemed to be THE thing I was missing.
Burov Art Koenigsegg Concept 10 photos
Photo: Burov Art
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However, it all came down in flames when I laid eyes on the first rendering of what was supposed to be a new concept bike. The Koenigsegg envisioned by Russian designer Burov Art turned out to be only a slight makeover of Daniel Simon’s Lotus C-01 concept we showed you almost one year ago.

This is what we call “utterly unoriginal”

Frankly, I was tempted to use a much harder word than “unoriginal” but in the end it would just do. Those who don’t have any clue who Daniel Simon is or what his Lotus C-01 looks like will maybe jump with joy at the sight of Burov’s so-called Koenigsegg. But for the rest of us, this is only “utterly unoriginal”.

Truth be told, I failed to detect any trace of original elements over the base Lotus design. Some might argue that the top line of the bike is different from that of the Lotus. The shape is indeed a bit different, but if you factor in the fact that the Koenigsegg is mounted on a pit box stand and understand how this position alters the whole aspect of the rear wheel and the overall lines, the magic disappears.

I even superimposed the two machines to provide better evidence to my claims, and it’s easy to spot the degree to which these bikes are similar. The “neck” and its curvature are the same, the generic attire of the bodywork is almost identical, and Burov has even used the rounded corners of the ventilation opening in the side panels to replicate a new one on the Koenigsegg concept.

Of course, the rake was modified and the racing “blind” front cowl of the Lotus received a Harley DayMaker-inspired headlight, but again, this is hardly a thing anyone would call “original”. The fact that designers are willing to delve deeper in their imagination resources and create motorcycles which could theoretically be manufactured by exclusivist car makers, such as Koenigsegg is awesome, like I already said.

Still, riders, concept bike enthusiasts and even car makers would most likely be thrilled to see genuine creations. However, such takes on other concepts are rather far from adding real value to the segment, so for now I’d say Burov has not convinced me of anything.
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