Burned-Down, Pole-Bent Dodge Challenger Hellcat Still Looks Savage

You know a car is truly mighty when it manages to remain impressive even after being put to sleep through the kind of ordeal that can spark horror stories. And this seems to be the case with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat we're here to show you.
Burned Down Dodge Challenger Hellcat 7 photos
Burned-down Dodge Challenger HellcatBurned-down Dodge Challenger HellcatBurned-down Dodge Challenger HellcatBurned-down Dodge Challenger HellcatBurned-down Dodge Challenger HellcatBurned-down Dodge Challenger Hellcat
This example of the 707-pony machine, which used to spend its time in Ohio, has been destroyed in an accident that was certainly memorable.

While the circumstances that led to the trashing of this Mopar machine are unknown (here's to hoping the occupants survived), there are two main things that need to be mentioned here. And we have to start with the flame-consumer nature of the car, since few parts can be reused (more on this below).

Then there's the new body form of the coupe, which seems to have been bent by an impact with a pole or a three.

Keep in mind that this muscle car came to our attention via Cleveland Power and Performance, a specialist that takes its time to bring damaged machines back to the road, as a whole or by offering their parts to aficionados out there.

In fact, the Facebook post showing this factory-blown Challenger talks about the car being the 35th Hellcat the specialist got its hands on.

Now, you might wonder how many bits and pieces can be salvaged when it comes to a car in a condition such as the one seen here.

Well, the said specialist delivers a potential answer to this questions in a Facebook comment.

"The front calipers are actually not too bad, we will check them out, put new seals in them, and either use them on a build or paint them. The driveline actually is not too bad, we will do a build of the driveline and will showcase it on here in the next week or two. We have a few other drivelines in the engine shop ahead of this one right now we need to finish up," the company explained.


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