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Bulgari Drops Luxury Aluminum Chronograph for the True Ducati Fan. It's Rather Affordable
One of the best or most accepted ways to show your love for an automotive brand is to brandish a timepiece that grabs everyone's eyes. This time around, Bulgari is the crew honoring another timeless brand, Ducati.

Bulgari Drops Luxury Aluminum Chronograph for the True Ducati Fan. It's Rather Affordable

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Folks, nothing says I love this brand! like a watch. Well, one company known for designing and manufacturing jewelry and other luxury fashion adornments is Bulgari. Yes, the one and the same that was founded in Rome in 1884 by silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. Initially, the works carried out by this crew were completed from silver. As time went on, the group managed to stay alive in an industry where very few make it out alive, and today, their works can be seen hanging off the bodies of some of the world's superstars.

Recently, Bulgari unveiled a timepiece meant to honor another crew with a history that has touched minds and hearts the world over, Ducati. With over 90 years of company history, it's the sort of crew that deserves some commemoration. If you need help remembering who this team is, just turn on your TV to any channel that may have motorcycles running around, and chances are that you'll see a Ducati machine in the next few seconds.

When these two teams finally got together, something magical happened, the birth of a special edition Bulgari Aluminum Ducati timepiece. That's what you're looking at right now, and if you like it, make sure you've got €5,000 ($5,190 at current exchange rates) in the bank, and off you go, brandishing that exact shade of red I've witnessed on countless Panigale and Diavel bikes. Seeing how this edition was just revealed, you may still have a chance to grab one of the 1,000 pieces planned for production. Time to see what's in store for Ducati lovers.

Overall, the Ducati edition is based on another timepiece that Bulgari produces, the Bulgari Aluminum watch, a sports timekeeper that's been around since 1998. As you may have guessed, it features a case built from aluminum with a touch of titanium as the crown and a mechanical movement with automatic winding. These models are currently selling for €4,600 ($4,770), so to be a part of the Ducati fan club will only cost you an extra €400 ($415).

Yes, the Ducati edition is also based on the original Aluminum and features the same case material, titanium crown, and mechanical movement. Inside, a Bulgari B130 caliber is what you'll find operating your timekeeping needs and boasts a 42-hour power reserve. Overall, this movement beats at 28,800 VpH, a baseline for most timepieces.

Beyond all the little inner working of this piece, it's really the visual aspect of the watch that you'll remark at first. A black rubber band secures the chronograph to your wrist, while a black bezel, also completed from rubber and stamped with standard Bulgari engraving, jumps off the aluminum case. In the background, the red dial is tattered with black hour bands and minute markers. As a touch, hours 10 through 12 are slanted, giving off a GP feeling.

Balancing the red dial are three black sub-dials, chronograph included. After all, how else will you be keeping track of your lap times? On the case back, the Ducati emblem sits under Bulgari, and the words "Fabrique En Suisse" should bring more than enough peace of mind when you drop over $5K on this watch.

Again, this is the sort of chronograph that's meant to find a place on the wrists of true Ducati fans. Maybe that's not you; perhaps it is. Nonetheless, if you look around at the people in your life, I'm sure you'll find a Ducati lover who would deserve this. Is anyone's birthday coming up?

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery also include the standard Bulgari Aluminum timepiece.


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