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Build Back Better Act Faces Resistance From the Own Democratic Party

It seems only Joe Biden, his supporters, and the few carmakers benefited by the Build Back Better Act still want it approved. The Democrat senator Joe Manchin declared he could not support the bill as it is, which could mean that it will not be approved without changes. One of the most controversial points is the union-based EV tax credit.
Senator Joe Manchin may kill the Build Back Better Act due to inflation, COVID-19, and international trade concerns 6 photos
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There’s an enormous possibility that, if it passes with that rule, automakers with non-unionized factories and other countries will take the U.S. government to the WTO (World Trade Organization) for violating international trade rules. Mexico and Canada already said they would not back up their USMCA partner if it insists on passing the union-based incentive.

Senator Manchin told Fox News Sunday he is concerned with the impact that will have on inflation, public debt at $29 trillion, and also the “geopolitical unrest.” This international agitation has to do with the concerns from foreign carmakers and their countries about the new union-based tax credit.

In a Senate with 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 independent senators that vote with Democrats, the Democrats only have the advantage of the vice president, who has a tie-breaking vote for such situations. If Manchin decides to vote against the Build Back Better Act, the entire social and climate spending bill is lost.

Politico told us a bit more about the backstage. According to that website, the White House told Manchin on Thursday that it would blame him for the delay in approving the bill before the year’s end. Manchin told the White House not to expose him like that, but it was no use: the statement from Biden’s government singled him out as the reason for the delay.

Manchin then told the White House he would not negotiate anymore. While White House aides thought he meant he would not discuss the bill in 2021 but could resume discussions next year, Manchin gave Fox News Sunday the interview saying he was just against it.

In his interview, which you can watch below, senator Manchin states that he wants to get the U.S. “financial house in order,” which means, in his words, “be able to pay for what we do and do what we pay for.” In his opinion, the U.S. government should be focusing on fighting inflation and COVID-19.

Curiously, a recent tweet showed that the Chinese government is accusing the U.S. of helping to spread the virus by not effectively fighting it internally. The video even mocks bipartisanship as something ineffective that does not work: a single party would be a much better system, as the one that China has. It even said the U.S. pretends to defend human rights when it threatens the world by worsening the international health crisis. Predictably, the video presenters did not mention Uygur’s “internment” camps at all.

Inflation is also a massive problem. Ask anyone that lived (or lives) in a country where prices got higher every day (or even more than once daily), and you’ll understand this is no joke. Thomas Sowell says that “inflation is a quiet but effective way for the government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes.” And it is ferocious with those with less money.

According to Politico, Biden got back in touch with Manchin to try to convince him to approve the Build Back Better Act. If the move is successful, the senator will have to have a compelling argument to justify his opinion change to West Virginia voters. Without substantial changes to the bill, it may not convince anyone.

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