Buick Enclave Morphs From Stodgy 3-Row Crossover to Bonkers DTM Concept Racer

Currently, the family-oriented Buick Enclave three-row crossover SUV is not exactly track-worthy material. It is not even the best choice if you are looking to stand out in a fairly modest crowd, frankly.
Buick Enclave DTM Racer rendering by hugosilvadesigns 8 photos
Buick Enclave DTM Racer rendering by hugosilvadesignsBuick Enclave DTM Racer rendering by hugosilvadesignsBuick Enclave DTM Racer rendering by hugosilvadesignsBuick Enclave DTM Racer rendering by hugosilvadesignsBuick EnclaveBuick EnclaveBuick Enclave
What could you say to impress them? Something like “hey, my family is getting around in a vehicle that’s been recalled countless times because of defective, exploding airbags?” Seriously, various Enclave model years have been recalled twice in April alone for that matter… So, what could you do to radically improve the current matters?

Well, aside from diligently taking the crossover SUV to service for parts replacement, not much – at least not in the real world. Over across the virtual realm, though, you could tear out those pesky airbags along with the entire steering unit and buy yourself a racing wheel instead. Or, at least that may be the CGI suggestion perspiring from this digital project if we take it as an understatement.

So, here is Hugo Silva, the virtual artist better known as hugosilvadesigns on social media, who is back into a prolific European mood after playing with a Honda Prelude for Pikes Peak - but still uses custom Americana DNA all over. This is because what we have here looking all ready to rumble and proudly go after some record lap times is a Buick Enclave that morphed into a crazy DTM-style concept car racer.

Gone is the three-row crossover-SUV body, gone are a pair of lateral doors, and gone is even the high-rider stance. Instead, if ever real, this slammed widebody Buick Enclave-based racer would probably do great against DTM’s current racing format. You know, the one of the GT3 Pro class, where competitors come from traditional places like Ingolstadt (R8 LMS GT3), Bavaria (M4 GT3), Italy (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, Lambo Huracan GT3 Evo), or Stuttgart (Mercedes-AMG GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 R), or UK (McLaren 720S GT3).

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Buick Enclave.


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