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Bugatti’s 2021 U.S. Grand Tour Included a 600-Mile Drive in California, and… Yoga

Paying several million dollars for a Bugatti doesn’t only get you a fine hypercar that doubles as an extremely fast GT, but also an entry ticket into an exclusive club. That’s because the Molsheim brand organizes all sorts of events for its clientele each year, in different parts of the world.
2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour 9 photos
2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour2021 Bugatti U.S. Grand Tour
For instance, earlier this month, Veyron and Chiron owners living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) got together for a short drive that started in Dubai and ended in Abu Dhabi, after almost 95 miles (150 km).

More recently, Bugatti turned its attention to its U.S. clientele, who was invited to take part in the annual U.S. Grand Tour. This year, the event included a 600-mile (965-km) drive along the California Coast, commencing in Los Angeles after a formal dinner at the Wolfgang Puck in Beverly Hills.

With their bellies full, the owners of the six Veyrons, including a Vitesse model, two Chirons, and a Chiron Sport, joined by a Chiron Pur Sport, hit the road. Besides driving, the experience also included wine tasting, live music, and “rejuvenating beachside yoga,” according to the car manufacturer. Bugatti took the opportunity to showcase the Chiron Super Sport too, which, together with the Pur Sport, make up the last 40 units or so that are still up for grabs.

The camaraderie developed during these trips is incredible. These rallies are also a fantasic way to demonstrate the grand touring spirit, craftsmanship, and reliability of our vehicles, which was evident by the range of cars that attended – one of which was 15 years old,” said the company’s local COO, Cedric Davy. “By the end of the event, customers had made new friends, and left wanting more. We look forward to planning another Bugatti Grand Tour next year.

Bugatti’s latest customer drive event was sprinkled with the unique sound of the quad-turbocharged W16 engines. In total, the 160 cylinders, split between the 10 attendees, gave bystanders tinnitus, reminding some that these beasts are soon to be forgotten due to the obvious EV reasons.

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