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Bugatti Veyron Stretch Limo Looks Fake, Still Needs to Be Killed with Fire

The world of stretch limos is always difficult to understand and any argument backing up the existence of such machines places when we see examples such as the one in the image below.
Bugatti Veyron Stretch Limo 11 photos
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Ladies and gentlemen drivers, we are dealing with no less than a Bugatti Veyron limousine. The abomination was spotted while on the back of a trailer (image via Shmee150) and there are no details about the contraption.

However, it looks like we're dealing with a US vehicle and the dense limo population in America would explain this.

Given the kind of costs surrounding such a project, we can only assume we're dealing with a fake here. Heck, if somebody ruined an actual Bugatti to pull such an image stunt, that person should get the same punishment as the smartass who drove a Veyron into a lake, trying to grab the insurance money.

The only thing that has us worried is the general image dent that's been surrounding the Veyron ever since the halo car retired. We're talking about the image stunts performed by Dutch Bugatti owner... Dutchbugs, who did it all, from going offroading in a Veyron, to drag racing a heavily tuned E34 BMW M5. And yes, the Bug lost the race.

Fortunately, the case of the British-tuned Bugatti Veyron, which comes from Oakley Design, seems to steer clear of the chav path, so this is only a sign of the fact that, even your headquarters is located in Molsheim, you can't keep full control over your cars forever. In fact, the British-tuned hypercar feels more like an aftermarket-built Veyron SS.

Don't get us wrong, we fully back bold moves such as turning a Ferrari 599 into a drift car (Daigo Saito is currently working on this), but we see no benefit in stunts such as the ones Dutchbugs pulled.


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