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Bugatti Veyron SS Meets EB110 in Awesome Generation Gap-Busting Mashup

Remember when brought you the stripped-out Bugatti EB110? Without its body panels, the velocity monster's silhouette looked surprisingly close to that of a Veyron. And we can now take these visual similarities between the two Bugs even further, all thanks to a wacky rendering.
Bugatti Veyron SS Meets EB110: rendering 1 photo
The pixel manipulation, which comes from HPF Design, sees an EB110 receiving plenty of Veyron Super Sport styling cues.

Here's the digital label explaining the digital contraption: "This morning I came across Seen Through Glass [YouTube channel, more on that below] video where he drives to post office in the EB110 SS and talks about how this car stayed under the shadow of Veyron, so it inspired me to do a quick morning mashup of Bugatti EB110xVeyron SS, purists please don't hate!"

In our book, the 1s and 0s here bring an attention-worthy take on the Bugatti generation gap. To be more precise, we see this as an EB110 facelift, one that would allow the senior machine to keep up with fresher competitors. Not that the machine would need a boost in order to deliver massive velocity kicks.

Since the Veyron's predecessor is now a quarter of a century old, many might expect the thing to feel seriously outdated and yet this is not the case.

As Chris Harris demonstrated back in the days when he ran his own YouTube show, the EB110 feels amazing from behind the wheel. The British journo got to hoon a Super Sport incarnation of the Veyron's predecessor, with the quad-turbo V12 ticking all the right boxes. Even so, it's still interesting to notice how the naturally aspirated Lamborghini Huracan has almost the same output as the 611 hp EB110 SS.

P.S.: Some of you might be curious about the YouTube clip that inspired this rendering, which is why we added the video below.

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