Bugatti Veyron Lagoon Accident

As you might remember, last week a man crashed a supercar worth more that $1 million into a salt water lagoon down in Texas. We showed you a video of the car being towed out the the water and talked a little about the story behind the accident. It seems that we have more news about this incident which drew much attention.

Getting attention is part of the Bugatti driving experience. When you’re driving around in a Veyron you must expect that all eyes are on you and, sometimes, a few cameras from mobile phones. Which is exactly what happened here: one car enthusiast got some footage of the crash by mistake, but nevertheless, this is very rare stuff.

Just in case you don’t remember what i’m talking about, or you just want to see that other video, click here. If you already read our story last week, remember that the engine ran for about another 15 minutes before it stopped on its own. The man suffered no injuries, except to his self esteem and his bank account; the car was in pretty bad shape.

But still one serious question comes to mind: could this be just a insurance scam? We all know that recession hit the US pretty bad, and these are no times for selling a Bugatti Veyron, as those who have the cash are no longer interested in such items. So is it easier just to crash it and claim the insurance? Might be, but the video is still heartbreaking.

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