Bugatti's All-New Hypercar Is Ready, Chiron's Successor Due in 2024 With Hybrid Power

With the Chiron era officially ending recently, alongside the final copy of the hypercar that rolled off the line at the Molsheim facility in France, Bugatti is now looking at the near future. And you'd probably think that the Chiron's successor is at least a few years away from being unveiled in production form, but that's not the case. In fact, the new hypercar is finished and will premiere in 2024.
Bugatti Chiron - Official Sketch 12 photos
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Bugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official SketchBugatti Chiron - Official Sketch
The announcement was made by Achim Anscheidt, the brand's former chief designer, right after he announced stepping down from his role after 19 years. Anscheidt oversaw the development of the Chiron's successor, and he told Autocar that it "was something that was more of a thinking exercise."

Bugatti's former design exec added that it will have "constraints because of performance and performance needs." However, "we know every centimeter of our cars so well by now that we know where [the change] would help us and where it would create a problem." The yet-unnamed hypercar is said to "bring forward" Bugatti into the new era, retaining some of the iconic styling traits like the horseshoe grille.

As anyone who has a thing for modern-day Bugattis can tell you, the iconic quad-turbocharged W16 powerplant was retired. The final model to get this fire-breathing mill was the Mistral, and further down the line, the marque will use smaller units that will be greener and less thirsty. The company continues keeping almost everything close to its chest when it comes to the Chiron's successor, though they have announced that it will feature an electrified V8.

Hybrid hypercars are already a thing. Mercedes-AMG has the One, and Aston Martin has the Valkyrie. However, Bugatti's upcoming product will likely dwarf them in terms of power and straight-line acceleration. After all, this is where the Veyron, Chiron, and their derivatives truly shine. Don't ask about the output and torque, and the 0-60 mph (97 kph) and top speed, because these are yet unknown. Nonetheless, it has been rumored to be way punchier than the Chiron, with the combined horsepower likely sitting north of the 1,600 metric horsepower (1,577 hp/1,177 kW) marque. Some believe that number could be close to 2,000 ps (1,972 hp/1,471 kW), but it has yet to be confirmed.

Despite being unveiled next year, it will be a while until the brand's all-new hypercar hits the assembly line. In fact, it will reportedly launch in 2026, and we reckon by then, a good chunk of the build slots will have been allocated. The quoted outlet believes it will cost more than the W16 Mistral Roadster, which is a €5 million (~$5.5 million) affair in Europe, and it should be an absolute intercontinental surface-to-surface missile. Are you excited about the upcoming Bugatti?
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Editor's note: Bugatti Chiron official sketches shared in the gallery.

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