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Bugatti Goes Full-Electric With Surprise Bytech Scooter
The future of the automotive industry is electric, as we’ve been told countless times. The industry needs to grow and adapt to become more sustainable so that we can all live better, longer, and more affordably.

Bugatti Goes Full-Electric With Surprise Bytech Scooter

Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022Bytech for Bugatti e-scooter makes surprise debut at CES 2022
That’s the long-term plan, and, as of right now, we’ve only gotten started with making it come true. Since the auto giants are still working on fully-electric vehicles and/or diversifying their current range, some of them have chosen to branch out onto the two-wheel market. Porsche is making e-bikes, Honda is reportedly considering reviving the iconic MotoCompo, and Seat is offering a variety of electric two-wheelers, to name just three.

It would not be an over-generalization to say that many automakers are looking to the two-wheel market as a possible source of profit by offering electrification alternatives for city dwellers against the backdrop of the two-wheel industry boom. Even with this in mind, nothing could have prepared us for this surprise: Bugatti is getting into the two-wheel EV game, and it’s doing it with a scooter, of all things.

Bugatti, one of the most recognizable, exclusive, and luxurious carmakers out there, known for its high-performance, pricey vehicles that are reserved only for the one-percenters, is making an e-scooter of the tamest variety. Before you think the French maker is selling out or playing down, don’t. “One look at the unique aerodynamic design and high-end appearance of the Bugatti electric scooter will tell you that this is not just your average basic scooter,” reads the product’s official webpage.

Developed in partnership with U.S.-based company Bytech, the scooter was formally introduced at CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. A press release was sent out at the same time, though not on the Bugatti official channels. This was a surprise release by all counts and a move perhaps meant to test waters ahead of a proper introduction, down to the fact that the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles, @BugattiScootersNA, are still offline. But an official website is up, and it promises a scooter that will put all others to shame.

The Bytech for Bugatti scooter is lightweight and foldable, which makes it a perfect first- and last-mile solution even for owners who live in a high-rise. It weighs just 35 pounds (16 kg) thanks to its frame of magnesium alloy, and it comes with distinctive Bugatti styling, such as the Bugatti logo and trademark color options, Agile Blue, Silver, and Black.

The two-wheeler offers three riding modes, Economy, City, and Sport, with the Sport mode delivering a top speed of 18.5 mph (30 kph). In Economy, it can only go as fast as 9 mph (15 kph), while in City, it tops out at 12.5 mph (20 kph). Power comes from a 700 W (0.9 hp) electric motor paired with a removable 36V, 10 Ah battery that promises a range of 22 miles (35.4 km) in Economy mode. A full charge takes four hours, and the scooter is rated for a maximum payload of 242 pounds (110 kg).

While the scooter doesn’t offer stellar performance – for a Bugatti-branded vehicle, mind you – it does get extra points for safety. It comes with turn lights, a bright headlight, and brake lights, as well as lit sides that create the impression of a floating deck. Because you can’t have a Bugatti without some type of showing-off, you get the “EB” monogram projection logo on the ground behind the scooter. Otherwise, how will people believe you just arrived on your Bugatti?

The other features include a digital display for vital stats such as battery charge, trip, and speed, and a dual-breaking system for enhanced stopping power, with a front left-hand brake lever and rear E-ABS electronic brake.

“Bugatti is at the pinnacle of automotive excellence,” Bugatti International Managing Director Wiebke says in a statement. “Partnering with a company such as Bytech gives us an opportunity to expand our reach in the electric mobility space with an experienced partner and a product that can be enjoyed by consumers around the world.”

There’s a pre-order button on the scooter’s official page, but it’s not live just yet. Pricing for the scooter has not been made public as of the time of press, but it’s safe to say you should expect it to be higher than with a run-of-the-mill scooter. This is a Bugatti-branded product, after all.


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