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Bugatti Divo Zips Up for the Used Car Market, You'll Never Guess the Asking Price
Named after French racing driver Albert Divo, who raced for Bugatti in the 1920s, winning the Targa Florio twice, the Bugatti Divo entered production in 2019, with its design signed by Achim Anscheidt, and Frank Heyl. Two years later, assembly ended with car #40 rolling off the line last summer.

Bugatti Divo Zips Up for the Used Car Market, You'll Never Guess the Asking Price

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Boasting the same underpinnings as its slightly more mainstream sibling, the Chiron, the Divo was already eye-watering expensive when it was still up for grabs. Pricing kicked off at €5 million (equal to $5.1 million at the current exchange rates) before tax, and we were baffled when we found a copy for almost €7.5 million ($7.65 million).

Not long after, we stumbled upon another one, which, at €11.8 million ($12 million), was much more expensive. As for the one pictured in the gallery above, well, let’s just say that it makes the Chiron look affordable by comparison. Advertised by a French used car dealer on Mobile, which has several high-end exotics in its portfolio, as well as two more rides at the time of writing that have a five-digit price tag accompanying them, it is a €13.2 million affair including tax, or just shy of the $13.5 million mark.

If it ends up selling for that much money, then it will make its owner a very nice profit. And it definitely beats investing in real-estate, gold, stocks, NFTs, or crypto, though the latter is not exactly the new El Dorado anymore. The hypercar has two owners in the papers, the ad reveals, 500 km (310 miles) under its belt, and a first registration dating back to June, 2021. This is where the vendor decided to draw the line, not before taking a few shots of it, which do not really do justice to what is a very good, and quite pretty model.

Sporting a gray paint finish, with contrasting blue elements, and bedecked by the French flag colors, this Bugatti Divo has a two tone interior, combining leather and suede. The integrated headrests have ‘Divo’ embossing, and the vehicle’s name is displayed on other parts of the interior, including on the sides of the center console, whereas the ‘Bugatti’ logo decorates the steering wheel. The used car dealer responsible for finding a new home for this hypercar hasn’t said anything about the extras either.

If we had a rich uncle out there that we are not aware of, or simply won the lottery, we would read the papers in the presence of a lawyer. Also, just to make sure, we’d reach out to Bugatti too, because it’s not like these kinds of rides change hands every day, especially for that much money.

Just like every modern Bugatti, save for the Baby II obviously, the Divo packs a familiar powertrain, and it is a true force to be reckoned with. But you already knew that it uses the 8.0-liter W16 engine, with no less than four turbochargers, pumping out 1,479 hp (1,500 ps / 1,103 kW). Bugatti says that the Divo, which is 77 pounds (35 kg) ligther than the Chiron, produces 198 lbs (90 kg) more downforce, and is capable of pulling 1.6 Gs of lateral acceleration, can deal with the 0 to 62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint in a neck-snapping 2.4 seconds. On a long straight, it will eventually run out of breath at 236 mph (380 kph).

We don’t need to tell you that this Bugatti Divo targets the one percenters, as not many people could afford to pay even 10% of the asking price. Heck, 1% is already too much, and that would be more than enough to quench most petrol heads’ power thirst. So, assuming that you had several million dollars in the bank, what color would your more mainstream supercar have?

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