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Bugatti Divo Spotted in Traffic, Looks Like It Landed from Mars

Imagine you're one of the lucky few who was offered the chance to adorn the garage with a Bugatti Divo. Well, you'd be pretty excited these days, as the French automaker is making the final steps towards customer deliveries. Of course, this means the engineers are polishing the final details of the hypercar.
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And not all the tests can be performed in closed environments, as it was the case with the recent airpot run of the 1,500 horsepwoer monster, for instance.

In fact, an example of the Divo was recently spotted doing its thing in traffic, with the car having been caught on camera while in Wolfsburg (the location shouldn't come as a surprise, since this is the home city of Bugatti parent company Volkswagen).

As you'll notice in the pair of no-filter pics at the bottom of the page (make sure to use the swipe feature of the Instagram post), the Chiron has the kind of looks you's expect from a toy that costs almost twice as much as the Chiron - the latter kicks off at around $3 million, while the first comes with a price of about $5.8 million.

Then again, only 40 examples of the Divo are being brought to the world. And, apparently, people can post childish comments on your Instagram account if you own a peasant-grade Chiron instead of a Divo.

Of course, one could always aim higher. For instance, the Molsheim brand used this year's Geneva Motor Show to introduce the La Voiture Noire (its worth noting that the LVN and Divo display cars for the Swiss event used electric motors to get around the show).

This Bugatti became the most expensive new car, with a price tag of around $18.7 million. And while the owner of the one-off remains a secret, the rumors talk about this being destined for Dr. Ferdinand Piech, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and former chairman of the Volkswagen Group.


First Bugatti Divo spotted in the wild! Photo’s by Methylone #bugatti#bugattidivo#divo#carspot#autogespot#carspots

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