Bugatti Delays Launch of Galibier - Still Deemed ‘Absolutely Necessary’

We’ve known the Bugatti Galibier concept for a while now, and we have actually gotten used to its rather quirky yet aggressive shape. However, we may still have to wait longer for it to work its way into the Bugatti factory. The main reason cited for the delay are ‘customer needs’, reports.
Bugatti Galibier 1 photo
In a recent interview with the President of Bugatti, Wolfgang Schreiber, the exec stated that: "We are still working on the Galibier concept, but I would say it is more difficult to fulfill all the requirements for Bugatti customers than Bentley customers [. . .] The Veyron and derivatives of the Veyron are very focused on the needs of the customers. If you now switch to a different type of car, it is very necessary to evaluate the needs of the customer."

However, despite the setback, Schreiber says that the car is still ‘absolutely necessary’, and it still has his full backing behind it. We are still waiting for even a hint of an official launch date.


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