Bugatti Chiron "Semi" Tows Matching Trailer, Looks Like a Flying Vessel

Every year, creative gearheads from across the world come up with all sorts of machines aimed at catering to Santa Claus' hauling needs. Case in point the contraption we have here, namely a Bugatti Chiron. However, the Molsheim toy depicted here is not like its siblings.
Bugatti Chiron "Semi" Tows Matching Trailer 4 photos
Bugatti Chiron Flying VesselBugatti Chiron Flying VesselBugatti Chiron Flying Vessel
In fact, this W16 monster is a bit of a riddle: which part of it is more eccentric? Perhaps that title goes to the jet engines that have taken the place of the hypercar's wheels. After all, Santa has been avoiding traffic jams before they even existed.

And while the Chiron is remarkably usable for a machine packing at least 1,500 horsepower, its luggage capacity is nowhere close that of the good old sleigh.

Well, this quad-turbo monster comes with a solution that involves a second Chiron, albeit one that's been chopped in the form of a trailer. This might seem just as exaggerated as the said flying hardware, but you should know the approach is inspired by builds that can be found in the real world.

For instance, we recently talked about a BMW owner who turned his 4 Series Gran Coupe into an M4, at least as far as the aesthetics are covered, while the Bimmer was gifted with a trailer such as the one seen in this rendering. Then again, while the Bavarian toy was spotted over in Taiwan, this Bugatti Chiron should theoretically travel from one end of the world to another.

Speaking of the pixels, we have to thank digital label Plastiliner for the work, which can be found in the social media post below (make sure to use the swipe feature for extra angles). Oh, and it looks like somebody enjoys the exhaust layout of the Chiron Super Sport 300...


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