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Bugatti Chiron Revealed in Latest Pics. We’re Talking to You, Koenigsegg

While Bugatti wants us to wait until the Geneva Motor Show in March in order to meet its latest attempt at taking over the hypercar world, the depths of the Internet have now brought us a pair of images that show us the Chiron.
Bugatti Chiron 3 photos
Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron
While the machine we’ll meet in Geneva might get an extra dust sweeping job, what we see here is as good as the finished car. The images come from Instagram users lamborghiniks and ericohessel, showing us what it’s like to live in the Vitesse world.

As the automaker recently announced, over one hundred people have already pre-ordered a Chiron, despite nobody outside the company having driven the car.

Even after factoring in the rumored $2.5 million price tag, the pre-orders shouldn’t come as a surprise. In order to understand why, we need to look no further back than two years ago, when the LaFerrari made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. While we were on the show floor, struggling to get a set of decent shots, the Prancing Horse proudly announced all 499 units had already been sold.

The Chiron is expected to take the Veyron’s quad-turbocharged 8-liter W16 to a whole new level, turning to direct fuel injection, electrically-driven turbos and cylinder deactivation. The monstrous internal combustion engine will also benefit from electrical assistance, with the overall output expected to sit around the 1,500 hp mark.

Nevertheless, Bugatti could choose to offer two separate models, with the... base one relying solely on the W16 mill, while a more extreme version could offer the hybrid powertrain.

With the just-released 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S expected to hit the 60 MPH mark in as little as 2.5 seconds (more on that Zuffenhausen topic here), the Chiron should handle the task in about 2.3 seconds.

Nevertheless, the Bugatti will showcase its assets higher on the speedometer scale, probably en route to its expected 280-plus MPH maximum velocity.


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