Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport Roadster Rendering Looks Cool

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You know how they say the flesh is mortal but deeds last forever? Well, people seem to forget that the Bugatti Veyron went out of production in 2011. Sure, they made a bunch of other versions, but the vanilla model they invented in 2005 lasted six years.
What's our point? That every so often, hypercars need to reinvent themselves due to the competition between major players who want to be the best.

Right now, nobody can touch the all-new and super-sexy Chiron. It's hard to imagine that, one day, somebody will make something even more exciting than a 1,500 horsepower car that still ignores hybrid technology. Are F1 cars even trying?

But for the sake of imagination, let's try to place ourselves in the year 2022 (2016+6). The Porsche 918 Spider has a successor with 1,300 horsepower; Audi makes an all-electric R18 production car, while Ferrari makes the first road-going supercar with six wheels and 1,500 hp. How does Bugatti response?

Why, they come out with a roadster, of course. Thankfully, we don't have to wait until 2022 to see what the Chiron Grand Sport will look like because people have Photoshop, and it's easy to chop the roof off a car.

X-Tomi made it happen just a couple of days after the Geneva Motor Show debut of the real-deal. He went for an orange and black color combination because it's the trademark of the Grand Sport and changed a few other things as well.

It might not even take that long for the roadster hypercar to come out, since Bugatti has every reason to stay ahead of the curb. Even though the Veyron cost $1 million, the company lost money on every unit it made and sold. However, the Chiron costs about $2.5 million and is not Volkswagen's spoiled child anymore.

All those articles about the economy being stupid and the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer are obviously true. Righ now, there are tons of fast cars that cost about a million, plus they get produced by the hundreds. So by adding $500,000 to the price for the convertible conversion and some +200 hp, Bugatti is not rocking the boat.
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