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Bugatti Chiron Driver "Unlocks" Secret Hands-Free Driving Mode, Goes Speeding

Take a moment to analyze the Bugatti Chiron. Heck, you don't need more than a glance to notice how massive and brutish the styling cues of the hypercar are. After all, this is true for any vehicle wearing Molsheim's signature.
Accelerating In the 1,500 HP Bugatti Chiron 5 photos
Accelerating In the 1,500 HP Bugatti ChironAccelerating In the 1,500 HP Bugatti ChironAccelerating In the 1,500 HP Bugatti ChironAccelerating In the 1,500 HP Bugatti Chiron
Well, on the inside, the Chiron is like an overly lavish and soft teddy bear that hugs its owner - for those of you who have seen the Ted movie(s), think of a much more aristocratic and even friendlier version of the character.

While it might seem like we're on the wrong pills here, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page comes to back up the point we made above.

The short clip allows us to see the Bugatti Chiron driver doing a hooning demonstration. However, unlike most demos of the sort, this one doesn't involve the man behind the wheel getting overly serious about the driving.

Whether he holds the steering wheel with one hand, two fingers or goes hands-free, the driver is determined to show how easy it is to go for some velocity play in the 1,500 hp hypercar.

Following a standing start, he takes the machine to about 125 mph (200 km/h), while demonstrating the quad-turbo W16 animal is just as easy to handle under heavy braking, with brief giggles appearing to show up in the passenger seat.

Interestingly, almost-automated speeding seems to be turning into a trend nowadays - without having to think about it too much, we've remembered two similar examples that have stormed the world of velocity over the past few years.

The first came earlier this fall, in the form of the hands-off Tesla Model S P100D drag race. Then there's the time when Koenigsegg delivered a demonstration like the Bug-related one mentioned above, but going much further in terms of both acceleration and braking (the stunt was held outside public roads, though).

Factor in the Paddington Bear stuffed toy, which was brought to life by Jeremy Clarkson's parents, being offered to the then-a-child journo and we may have a teddy bear conspiracy on our hands.


A video posted by Only Bugatti Chirons (@onlychirons) on Oct 21, 2016 at 8:07pm PDT


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