Bugatti Centodieci SUV Rendered, Stands Out Like a Sore Thumb

We've discussed tons of Internet reactions to the introduction of the Bugatti Centodieci, with these being focused on new specs for the hypercar, some of which might even make it into the real world once customer deliveries kick off in 2022. However, the pixel play we have here is different, since this portrays a Bugatti SUV.
Bugatti Centodieci SUV Rendered 1 photo
This render takes the face of the Centodieci, with that small horseshoe grille that reminds the world of the EB110, adds the more... conventional Chiron headlights and places everything on what appears to be the body of the Bentley Bentayga.

Then we have other traditional Bugatti elements, but I'll let you discover these by zooming in on the rendering.

As for what happens in the real world, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann, has made it clear that the company isn't willing to jump the high-riding bandwagon anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the rumors about the crown brand of the Volkswagen Group adding a second model are going strong, even though Bugatti has't gone past the concept car stage in this regard (think: 16C Galibier super-sedan).

And if you're considering heading over to the carmaker and asking for a one-off, you might be disappointed. How so? Well, let's hear it in the words of Pierre Rommelfanger, who helms the company's special projects department.

“Of course, as a designer, I could get my head easily around saying yes to [one-off requests]. As an overall company structure, I think that could be something difficult for Bugatti just to make that work. Just putting one prototype-ish car together and then giving it to the people would be way too irresponsible. So that sounds exotic and flamboyant, but it’s actually, in reality, easier said than done,” Rommelfanger recently told Autocar.

Interestingly, this kind of limited production capacity equals limited possibilities attitude is not unlike the one Lamborghini EMEA CEO Andrea Baldi showed while we discussed the Raging Bull's future earlier this year.


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