Bugatti and Palmer Johnson to Work Together on Luxurious Yacht

The two dream-selling companies first announced their involvement in the developing of a new line of open fiber boats at the 2014 Qatar International Boat Show. This new line would bring together elements of classic Bugatti cars and Palmer Johnson’s trimaran hull shape.
Niniette 5 photos
As it turns out, the new project will be named Niniette and the first renderings have been recently revealed to the public. The name is perhaps the biggest link to Bugatti, because it wasn’t only the nickname Ettore Bugatti had for his daughter Lidia but also the name given to the family’s boats.

At first glance, you can easily see elements that Bugatti uses in its supercars, such as exposed carbon fiber, titanium, a dual-tone color scheme and inserts of maple and natural blue morta oak. Niniette will be available in three sizes - of 42, 63 and 88 feet, respectively - each one having a production time of 12 months.

According to Dr. Stefan Brungs, responsible for sales and marketing at Bugatti, Palmer Johnson created an elegant and beautiful yacht, a true masterpiece of craftmanship that should thrill maritime aficionados.

About the design, Bugatti officials state that much of the exterior harks back to the Type 57 C Atalante and the Type 41 Royale, offering an aquatic mix of both cars.

There is no information about the power unit, nor about the possibility to be propelled by the 1200hp quad-turbo W16 from the mighty Veyron SS, but a top speed for the smallest hull has been revealed, and it is around 38 knots.

The Niniette PJ63, as the name suggests, has a 63 square meter salon on deck, a 43 square meter salon below deck and provides accommodation for up to four guests. On top of everything, Bugatti can modify the interior to meet any client’s requests.

The starting price is 2 million euros for the smallest version of the yacht, the middle one costs 3.25 million, while for the 88-foot one, the price is revealed only to those who contact the seller directly.


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