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Budget Alfa Romeo Stelvio Rendered with Steel Wheels, Looks Like Damaged Villain

While the vast majority of the gearhead community has delivered more than a round of applause for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, there are also certain aficionados who can't seem to get over the shortcomings of the Italian crossover.
Base-spec Alfa Romeo Stelvio 3 photos
Alfa Romeo Stelvio rendered in base specKaecilius
We're referring to aspects such as the Stelvio packing a similar dashboard to the Giulia or the fact that Alfa Romeo still hasn't announced the market launch date for its high-riding model.

So when we came across the rendering we have here, which puts the Stelvio's appeal to the test by showing it in base spec, we simply had to share it with you.

The pixel manipulation, a piece that comes from digital artist X-Tomi, delivers quite the opposite of what the Milanese automaker intended for the crossover.

We're talking about the full Stelvio line-up here, not just the 505 hp Quadrifoglio dream generator. For instance, configuring Alfa Romeo's latest machine means you get to choose between seven alloy wheel models, whose size ranges from 18 to 21 inches.

So you might be surprised to see the Stelvio in this picture packs steelies, which, if you imaginary wheel-measuring scale is well calibrated, come in a size of 16 inches.

And while that could be changed on the fly, the non-color coded aprons should, in theory, make things much worse. However, in our book, the unpainted front fascia gives the SUV a bit of a damaged villain appearance - squinting helps us picture this Alfa as Kaecilius, the baddie played by Mads Mikkelsen in the latest Marvel motion picture, Doctor Strange (check out the screenshot to your right). But since this is a Lamborghini-involving movie, we'll stop here.

The Stelvio-altering nature of this render might seem a little familiar and that's because the said artist has turned messing with four-wheeled stars into a habit. The previous example of that? The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Spider, of course.


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