Brutus V2 Rocket E-Bike Takes on the Pikes Peak, Street Version Announced

Brutus Electric Motorcycles is taking a shot at glory this weekend at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, with its rather ill-inspired name V2 Rocket bike. The new bike is evolved from a previous cruiser-styled electric motorcycle which received a massive set of updates and revisions, being in the end transformed into a full-out sport machine.
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Photo: Brutus Motorcycles
The fairing Brutus equipped the bike with a fairing with a most striking Suzuki Hayabusa flavor, even though the livery is a mixture of WWII airplane looks and the head of an eagle for the front cowl. However, while the looks of the bikes are way less important that the on-road performance and aerodynamics, we’ll add that the bike is equipped with a direct drive Warp motor drawing juice from an 11.5 kWh battery pack and capable of producing around 130 horsepower and in excess of 172 lb-ft (233Nm) of torque.

This lump was able to reach around 152 mph (244 km/h) on the dyno, but around the Pikes Peak, acceleration will be much more important when exiting each of the 156 uphill turns. The motor is air-cooled by means of two front intakes into which liquid carbon dioxide is sprayed to lower the air temperature.

Brutus is offering the race version of the V2 Rocket for prices starting at $26,490 (1€19,430), but a street-legal version looks like being offered really soon, with significantly larger batteries… and price tags. Rumors have it that the road version of the bike could be loaded with 17.8 kWh or even 21.7 kWh energy packs, casual riding style range could easily reach or even go beyond the 200-mile range (320 km) and that would definitely be a major selling point, provided the prices are not going through the roof.

Ahead of the Sunday morning race, you can get a better idea of how the Brutus V2 Rocket feels when it comes to racing watching the video after the jump. Still, I am utterly puzzled who came up with this most unfortunate marketing idea of naming the bike after the infamous German V2 World War II rockets which have killed thousands on the Old Continent and in the UK… Hopefully the trademark offices will ban such a name for the commercial versions, really.

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