Brutal Harley Crash, Rider Miraculously Unscathed

A breathtaking combination of fail and win for Jean Claude, a motorcycle rider who was involved in a very brutal accident with a Camaro.
He was cruising in southern Florida just above the speed limit as himself declared, and failed to observe that the car in front of him was slowing down, though without braking. It was all to late for the rider as he managed to brake as much as he could, but failed to swerve past the Camaro and rear-ended the vehicle at high speed, remaining on top of the car's rear end.

His bike got quite a thrashing, as you doubtlessly imagine, but the rider was alright, though a bit battered himself, too. X-ray exams in the hospital showed no fractures and all he ended up with was some bruising and limped a bit for a week or so.

Riding with motorcycle gear and a helmet was also a smart decision from our chap and that's how he made it through, if with a bit of once-in-a-lifetime luck.

Aside from being way more aware of his surroundings while on the road, we'd also hint him on those two fingers on the brake and clutch: they've saved lives and property and will do so forevermore.
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