Bruder Unveils Their Impressive EXP-7: A Smorgasbord of Goodies With a Matching Price

By now, the name Bruder is synonymous with the wild and off-grid lifestyle. Why? Simply because they focus on nothing else, and recently, they've unveiled their newest addition to the family, the EXP-7.
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Yes, folks, Bruder has done it again, adding yet another exceptionally equipped machine you can use to live off the land for as long as resources allow. I'm talking about the EXP-7, the newest and the most resourceful unit they've unveiled thus far. Time to explore the sort of lifestyle that awaits people with the right amount of cash.

Speaking of price tags, there's something you need to consider when you approach an EXP-7; it's available in two versions. First is the PT, starting at around $160K (MSRP €150K), and the GT, going for a tad under $166K (MSRP €154,750). The main difference between the two is that the PT features an expandable roof, like those found on pop-top campers. The GT, on the other hand, is for those types of explorers that like to even brave cold and frosty winters out of a mobile habitat.

Now, so much goes into a Bruder that it would be considered lying to say that I could cover everything in just five minutes. That said, once we're done here, do take the time to dive deeper into things and get a feel for why Bruder has grown to be where they are and what this means for the world, not just Australia. Unlike most manufacturers of such machines, this crew ships worldwide, ensuring their name makes it through the ages.

Like every other unit to come from this brand, the EXP-7 is tuned to handle some of the harshest terrains this world has to offer and to overcome all that comes forth; this unit is built upon a proprietary chassis that's all Bruder. However, the 7 differs a bit in that it uses a new chassis this crew has been working on. It's lighter and stronger, and once the beloved suspension system of Bruder is thrown into the mix, the results are, well, see for yourself; the image gallery and video below should give you a clear picture of what we're up against.

Photo: Bruder
Did you notice the 7's ground clearance? It's a whole 2.13 ft (0.65 m). Did you notice that it has two axles but, if needed, can run on just one? Yup, it's a Bruder, alright, but I still have to ask, what the actual heck is going on here? Let's go on a little daydream, shall we?

I want you to imagine that you've readied your overlanding rig and are about to hit the wilderness around your country. Overall, you'll be towing along a habitat that weighs 5,291 lbs (2,400 kg) but can be loaded up to 7,716 lbs (3,500 kg), with the axles handling up to 11,464 lbs (5,200 kg). But, as you drive along, eight mono-tube, remote-canister shock absorbers will be taking care of all you encounter.

Finally, you make it out into the middle of nowhere. So, how's the 7 ready to handle all your living needs? Let's start off with things like a 10.8 kWh battery bank, 1,245 W of sunlight processing power, a 3,000 W inverter, an MPPT solar charger, and countless others. And that's just part of the electrical system. Plumbing and waterworks consist of 200 l (53 gals)of fresh water, 75 l (20 gals) of grey water, a filter, a pump, a bathroom, and even an interior and exterior shower.

Now, to complete this basic needs picture, we need to cover the galley that Bruder has installed in the EXP-7. What stands out when we try and use this space is that it's somewhat on the border between indoor and outdoor living. Some of the features, like one of the two fridges/freezers available, are accessible from outside the 7. Still, the rest of the space is integrated into the unit's port wall and hidden behind a panel that lifts to expose the wonders to the world outside.

Photo: Bruder
Once you've whipped up the meals you and your family wished for, it's time to unravel the rest of your EXP-7. With unfurling awnings, your outdoor living gear unloaded, and firewood being gathered, you have a seat and take in the wilderness. It's time to spend the rest of the evening with the family and tell tales and stories of life's trials and tribulations.

At some point in time, eyes are bound to get heavy, and bones signal they've had enough sitting around. At this point, it's time to access the EXP-7's sleeping arrangement. You can accommodate up to six guests (GT), depending on your chosen model. This is made possible by a mixture of modular seating and a bedroom too. Make sure to rest up because tomorrow, you'll be unloading inflatable kayaks and hitting the local lake. Maybe you're into rock climbing and bouldering.

Listen, whatever type of lifestyle you lead, the EXP-7 has all the great goodies Bruder has accustomed us to and then some fresh extras. In short, it's ready to whisk you away and help you escape the confines of city life, or any life, for that matter. GG Bruder, GG.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase both the PT and GT variations of the EXP-7

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