Brooklyn Beckham Says He Bought the McLaren P1 by Cheffing, and People Have Thoughts

If we’re to believe industry reports, Brooklyn Beckham is to cooking what his famous mother Victoria Beckham is to singing. You don’t have to be well-versed in late ‘90s pop culture to know that Victoria, aka Posh, was always the one who posed and looked pretty, and who hardly ever sang on any recordings and not at all in live performances.
Brooklyn Beckham says he bought the McLaren P1 with money from cheffing 10 photos
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At 23, Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of Mr. Golden Balls David Beckham and the aforementioned Victoria, has already tried to turn several of his hobbies into careers. First, he was a supermodel, and then he was a passionate photographer who even had a photography book published. In recent months, Brooklyn has styled himself as a chef, and has his own cooking show on social media.

This week, Brooklyn has been spotted out in Hollywood at the wheel of a gorgeous burgundy-red McLaren P1. Just 375 units of the P1 were produced and all sold out within a month of the launch, so they’re highly-prized (and highly-priced) collectibles. Word in the British media is that this isn’t even Brooklyn’s car and that it’s a loaner from dad David.

But if you ask him to his face what he does for a living to afford it, like TikToker Daniel Mac did, he’ll tell you he bought it by cheffing. “Are you like the best chef in the world?” Mac asks him with some disbelief in his voice. “Trying to be,” Brooklyn responds.

The video has sparked quite the wave of hilarity, for reasons that might not be immediately obvious. The first one is that Brooklyn was born into a multi-millionaire family, so that alone means he could afford a bunch of rare vehicles out of his pocket money. He is the poster child for showbiz nepotism, and hasn’t really had to work for anything yet.

The second one is that, even as an aspiring chef, he can’t cook – something that has been leveled against him once he landed his cooking show, which apparently requires a staff of 62 just to help him assemble a sandwich that he does not cook. Chances are he couldn’t really buy a $1.3-$1.5 million car out of cheffing money because, to put it bluntly, he sucks at it.

Jokes aside, Brooklyn is estimated at $10 million net worth as of 2022. He might not have made it by cheffing, but it’s still enough money to splash on limited-edition cars, the P1 included.


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