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Broken Voice Commands Are a Thing Now on YouTube Music for Android Auto

Google is getting ready to kill off Google Play Music, and the company wants all users to make the switch to YouTube Music as soon as possible.
YouTube Music on Android Auto 1 photo
But as far as Android Auto users are concerned, it’s not a secret that the experience with YouTube Music is still far from flawless, and more recently, some of those who gave this service a try came across a new problem.

It’s all related to how voice commands work when YouTube Music runs on Android Auto, as some complain that playing a song without touching the screen is pretty much impossible. And it’s all because YouTube Music can’t recognize the command, being unable to play the requested song.

I used to have Spotify and I can easily voice search new songs and it works like 90% percent of the time. But whenever I switched to YT music, I can no longer search music with my voice, ever. It always finds empty results or give errors. Anyone having terrible experience with that?” one user posted recently on reddit.

Several others have already confirmed a similar behavior, and some believe that this could be an issue with specific regions. We still can’t confirm if the problem could affect English-speaking countries or not.

Some of those who already made the switch to YouTube Music are coming across other problems with the app. For example, in one case YouTube Music just keeps playing the same song twice when running Android Auto, while for one user, the app does recognize the voice command, only that it plays a completely different song.

In the meantime, Google is yet to address the number one problem of YouTube Music for those making the switch from Google Play Music. Listening to a local library that includes songs previously purchased from Play Music isn’t possible on YouTube Music unless a subscription is active, which means that users would have to pay twice to listen to the same songs.


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