British Racing Green McLaren MSO HS Photographed Inside Factory, Looks Stunning

Remember the McLaren factory area where the first "real-world" photo of the MSO HS was snapped back in August? Well, that piece of Woking once again delivers a sight for velocity-addicted eyes, bringing us a shot of well-dressed High Sport.
British Racing Green McLaren MSO HS 1 photo
To discuss the hue details of the car, we seem to be dealing with an all-custom take on the good old British Racing Green. Heck, some would even point out that, depending on the shades used, these could be the color of the Jamaican flag, which would make this livery similar to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK wrap we showed you a while back. And we'll tip our lens to Autogespot for this image.

Returning to the 666 hp (make that 688 PS, you metric system aficionados) British supercar, we'll remind that, over the weekend, we got our keyboard on the first video showing the four-wheeled rocket in the real world. For the record, that particular example of the car was dressed in the Le Mans-referencing Sarthe Grey.

As those of you following the topic know, we're dealing with a limited run of 25 example, of which we've seen four so far (the official vehicle showcased by the automaker makes for the third example, while the fourth is the leaked Orange one).

Once again we'll focus on the rear wing of the thing, which may appear to be a fixed unit, but actually follows the company aero policy, meaning that it can also act as an Airbrake, while also offering multiple degrees of electric adjustment.

And don't imagine that the financial side of the thing, which should sit over the $350,000 means the Brits have had any issues finding customers. In fact, the cars were all sold out when the model was introduced online, with McLaren Special Operations having obviously favored customers who had dug deep on the MSO optional extra list when configuring their previous cars.


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