British GP Organizers Apologize for F1 Ticket Debacle As the Prices Are Getting Ridiculous

Recently it has turned into a bit of madness how expensive Formula 1 tickets are becoming for the average fan. It is understandable that with ever-growing popularity, the demand for tickets goes up, and circuits may then charge more to increase their revenue.
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But there comes the point where enough is enough, and the fans deserve to be listened to. The biggest offender and best example is Las Vegas, which is going to cost you an arm and a leg and probably a kidney, too, if you want to experience it.

According to MGM Resorts CEO William Hornbuckle, the chain is planning to buy 20 to 25 million dollars worth of Grand Prix tickets to create accommodation and event packages. With the increase in hotel rates they could impose for the GP weekend, those offers could end up costing up to $100,000. But F1 is milking the fans all over the world, with 2023 Monaco GP tickets reaching up to 4,720 euros ($4,574), while the Mexican GP is even more expensive, with admission to the Paddock Club nearing 7,000 euros ($6,783).

More recently, we’ve had the entire Silverstone ticket debacle, which caused a severe uproar from fans. One of the main issues is that their system crashed not once but twice while people were trying to purchase tickets. However, there was an even bigger problem. They introduced a dynamic pricing system this year which was not a smash hit with the fans.

Supposedly, up to 210,000 people queued up on the first day trying to buy their tickets. With this in mind, it’s not really a surprise that the system failed. But you cannot just increase the prices based on demand and how many tickets are left, only for the system to crash and cause people to pay more than they originally should have.

In the past, you could get general admission tickets at Silverstone for only 100 GBP ($109). However, with the dynamic pricing system for next year, the last batch of these tickets went for a jaw-dropping 319 ($346) GBP.

Needless to say, this angered a lot of people. So much so that the organizers of the British Grand Prix had to publicly apologize and pledge to improve their system. Hopefully, this step back after the public outrage is a sign that things are not headed to a point where a normal person is not going to be able to afford an F1 ticket.


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