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Bridgestone Puts Out New Tires Designed for Cruisers

Bridgestone is happy to announce it has launched a new line of motorcycle tires specially designed for big cruiser bikes. Say hello to the Battlecruise H50 range.
Bridgestone Battlecruise 1 photo
Large displacements cruiser-style bikes are accounting for around 50 percent of the US motorcycle, which pushed Bridgestone into expanding its range to offer a solution for this market too.

The Battlecruise H50 uses the company’s proprietary optimization process and technology to ace three key characteristics:

• Superb handling with reduced steering effort: The Battlecruise H50 tire offers a large contact patch and uniform contact pressure, creating high cornering force and resulting in less steering effort and light linear handling.
• Strong wet and dry traction: Proven best-in-class tread pattern features central grooves that run circumferentially around the tire to evacuate water and provide enhanced grip, similar to the class-leading Bridgestone Exedra Max metric cruiser touring tire.
• Long tread wear: Optimized profiles coupled with newly developed compounds and constructions provide long wear life and lower handlebar vibration to reduce rider fatigue.

“We’ve extended our influence into one of the most important motorcycle segments in America, and we’re excited to bring our deep industry expertise and Bridgestone-brand motorcycle tires to this group,” said Kevin Hunley, senior manager, motorcycle and kart products, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “Riders of today’s cruisers look for a tire that can provide exceptional grip and longer treadwear while enhancing their riding experience. We’ve accomplished that with the Battlecruise H50 motorcycle tire as it brings ultimate performance, ride comfort and traction in all conditions.”

The new Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tires will be available in eight sizes for select American V-twin cruisers beginning January 2017. The company expects to put out 14 additional sizes for touring-oriented machines in early 2018.

As a side note, the Battlecruise H50 is the only Bridgestone motorcycle tire that is offered with a road hazard warranty that covers eligible tires that may become damaged or unusable from a puncture, impact, bruise, cut or snag.


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