Briatore's Lifetime Ban Caused by the Testimony of Witness X

With a few days remaining to the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) meeting in Paris on Monday, Flavio Briatore was not in any danger of being handed such a harsh penalty in the crash gate. According to the documents released by the FIA on Wednesday, it seems only the coming forward of a mysterious “Witness X” during the course of last weekend made the members of the Council proceed to one of the most drastic bans in the history of motor racing.

Flavio Briatore was summoned to appear before the WMSC on Monday, but refused to come to Paris and defend his case. He argued that decision by the fact that he doesn't have a FIA licensed and is not accountable to the international body.

However, as the recent documents from the Renault dossier shows, it seems his decision is based on the immense evidence against him, brought in by the aforementioned “Witness X”. According to the statement of the FIA, the witness was not part of the conspiracy but knew every detail of what went on in the Renault garage at the time of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

In those additional submissions, Renault F1 referred to the existence of another member of the Renault F1 team (Witness X) who, although not a conspirator himself, knew of the conspiracy at the time of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. Renault F1 stated in its submissions of 17 September 2009 that Witness X had confirmed that Mr Briatore had known of the deliberate crash plan before it had been put into effect,” said the statement of the FIA late yesterday.

Witness X was told of the idea suggested by Nelson Piquet Jr by Mr Symonds, whilst in the presence of Mr Briatore. Witness X objected to the idea. He did not know the plan was to be carried into effect until the crash happened.

As a result of the evidence, including Mr Piquet's admission, Mr Symonds' responses and Witness X's evidence, Renault F1 concluded that they and Mr Briatore must have known about the conspiracy. (...) the evidence indicates that this was a secret conspiracy, kept from the remainder of the team and executed by three individuals who were acting far outside their authority and, arguably, contrary to the interests of Renault F1.”

No other member of the team was involved in the conspiracy or (with the exception of Witness X) had any knowledge of it,” concluded the FIA.

 Needless to say, the identity of this mysterious “Witness X” has not been yet unveiled and it's unlikely that will happen any time soon.
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