BRD's Rebranded Alta RedShift Bikes to Finally Arrive in Q2 2015

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Photo: Alta Motors
Alta Redshift SMAlta Redshift SMAlta Redshift SMAlta Redshift SMAlta Redshift SMAlta Redshift MXAlta Redshift MXAlta Redshift MXAlta Redshift MXAlta Redshift MX
It looks like BRD’ RedShift bikes, now rebranded as Alta Motors, will finally arrive in stores at some point in the second quarter of 2015. Honestly, it was rather hard to refrain from using a title which included something in the shape of “further delayed” or similar expression, but since this time the launch date seems “for real”, it was no use bashing BRD Alta.
So with some “BRD is dead, long live BRD Alta” in mind, let’s see what these achiness are made of. First of all, Alta will be delivering two bikes in the summer of 2015, the RedShift MX and the RedShift SM, and their suffixes are pretty much self-explanatory. That is, Alta’s new bikes are aimed (high) at meeting the needs of more than a single segment of e-riders and they will be able to provide both dirt and asphalt fun for everyone.

Alta RedShift MX

The RedShift MX slots in the quarter-liter class equivalent, and its proprietary motor can produce a 40 hp peak power, with 25 horsies in continuous mode operation. The revs go as high as 13,750 and a full battery will last for about two hours of dirt fun. The battery pack can hold 5.2 kWh and is easy to swap for a charged on site. The maintenance interval is 200 hours and Alta promises a lot of fun from its nimble, direct drive transmission.

The MX can reach a top speed of 80 mph (129 km/h) and comes with a base weight of 260 lbs (118 kg). You can preorder the Alta RedShift MX for $14,995. No mention was made as to exporting the bike in markets outside North America.

Alta RedShift SM

The SM is the supermoto, street-legal version of the dirt RedShift, and is obviously based on the same platform. Instead of hours, the RedShift SM’s range is counted in miles and a full charge is said to provide 50 miles (80 km) of fun, with a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h). Just like the MX, the bike is equipped with fully-adjustable WP Suspensions and single-rotor Brembo brakes for both ends.

As opposed to the MX, which will arrive with a classic, dirt-riding approved 21”-18” wheel combo, both rims of the RedShift SM will accommodate 17” sport tires. And given the different purpose, the SM version will have a lower seat height. Electric supermoto fun will run you $15,495, again with no word on the bikes crossing the pond.

The first Alta RedShift machines are reported to start shipping in Q2 in California as stated previously, and then progressively making their way to other regions in Q3 and beyond. Some say that the prototype BRD has been constantly showing during the last couple of years looked better than the actual production bikes, but again it looks like the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even though the beauty is electric. Have fun reading the press release after the jump, it contains a lot of cool info.
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