BRD Rumored to Develop an Affordable Electric Scooter

BRD electric scooter rumored 1 photo
Photo: BRD Motorcycles
Keen eyes at A&R have spotted an intriguing phrase among the "now hiring" ads BRD posted. Namely, BRD mentioned that their "scooter, slated for 2015, beats the best from Vespa and Honda in performance, convenience, AND cost."
Now, we might see that after receiving a most welcome financing, BRD is thinking to expand the line-up and add an electric scooter to the upcoming RedShift.

As the RedShift is a sport-oriented bike and this makes it a rather premium-priced one, as well, BRD's approach to growing markets with a lower-priced two-wheeler may prove to be a winning move.

Nobody expects cheap plastic scoots the like of what some Chinese manufacturers produce, and that is because such a bike would not win over the hearts of those who love Vespas or Honda machines.

Still, with a low price and decent performance, a BRD scooter could be a good seller in markets such as South America, Indian and south-eastern Asia, places which seem to become extremely hot from the motorcycle industry's point of view.

We can only hope that BRD accelerates the manufacturing process, as there are a lot of people waiting for the RedShift for quite some time now.
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