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BRD Rumored to Develop 2WD Hybrid Military Motorcycle

While we’re still waiting for the RedShift, we might get to see another bike being developed by BRD, but this time it’s going to be pure “unobtainium”. BRD is likely to receive a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for creating a hybrid, 2-wheel-drive tactical motorcycle to be used by the US special military forces.
BRD RedShift MX 1 photo
The bike is supposed to be based on the MX version of the RedShift, loaded with dual hub motors. While some might expect to see a 2WD mechanism similar to that of the Christini bikes, a hub motor is definitely cheaper and a much easier to implement solution, provided waterproofing can be taken to tactical specs.

Logos Technologies is also said to aid BRD in engineering this nifty machine. A multi-fuel internal combustion engine is also to be loaded on this machine. It will sport a very quiet operation and its role is to produce enough power for the all-electric drive train, or recharge the batteries. Stealth is one of the key factors for this project, while the other one is the extended range of this single track vehicle.

While developed as military motorcycle, hybrid 2WD bikes could become the next big thing in electric mobility, in case the customers will be willing to pay some extra bucks for such competitive machines. Via A&R.


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