Brazilian Parks in Handicapped Spot, Car Gets Completely Covered In Stickers

The laws of physics dictate that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you hit a wall, your fist will hurt. If you cut somebody off, karma will bite you in the butt. But what if you park on a handicapped spot? Surely, the disabled can't fight back.
Brazilian Parks in Handicapped Spot, Car Gets Completely Covered In Stickers 1 photo
Well, they can't, but other people might settle the score. This following video was filmed in Brazil yesterday and shows a car completely covered in blue stickers. Or at least we think they are stickers because they seem much harder to remove than regular sticky notes.

The creative geniuses behind this revenge prank even had the time to "paint" handicapped signs using white stickers. It's a graphic reminder of why you should never think you are above the law or better than everybody else.

In Russia, they use giant stickers that are impossible to remove. But this solution the Brazilians found seems far more entertaining, especially when there are about a hundred people laughing at the guy, who throws a temper tantrum with a policeman watching.

What we want to know is how Brazilians still use potatoes to film viral videos that are uploaded to the internet via shoelaces. Come on folks, this is 2015, and every smartphone has a half-decent camera.

Later that day, the guy got into a crash because he couldn't see well and drives very aggressively. He was permanently injured and can now legally park in the handicapped spots. Ha ha, now the joke's on the people who trashed his car now!

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