Brava Is an Exceptional Tiny Home That Makes Up for the Small Indoors With a Huge Deck

Brava tiny house on wheels 14 photos
Photo: Madeiguincho/ Joao Carranca
Brava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheelsBrava tiny house on wheels
 With their eco-friendly design, cute aesthetics, and the minimalist lifestyle they enable, tiny houses have captured the hearts of many people seeking a simpler way of life. But while tiny houses built by US-based manufacturers have steadily grown larger and more luxurious, to the point that many look like mini-mansions on wheels, European builders seem to stick to the fundamentals of the tiny house movement, creating basic dwellings that enable people to live at a slower pace, with less chaos and fewer distractions. 
One of the European companies crafting tiny homes that are not only compact, lightweight, and easily towable but also allow dwellers to disconnect from the restrictive mainstream and adopt a more liberating way of life is Madeiguincho. This Portugal-based woodworking and architecture studio specializes in creating spectacular compact timber homes that feel right at home in the middle of nature.

The latest addition to their portfolio is Brava, a vibrant dwelling that proves tiny living is not about what you give up or what you lack but about shifting your focus to the things that really matter to you. This tiny house has been built for an artist mother and her daughter and sits on a peaceful Portuguese farm.

Just like the previous models crafted by the woodworking studio, Brava boasts a rustic aesthetic inside and out and is handcrafted from sustainable materials, especially natural wood, showcasing the team's excellent woodworking craftsmanship. The extensive use of wood gives the home a unique charm that nature enthusiasts will certainly find appealing.

Brava tiny house on wheels
Photo: Madeiguincho/ Joao Carranca
The designers used different types and shades of wood for both the interior and the exterior of the house, giving it an eye-pleasing look and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The exterior, for instance, is clad in dark burnt wood complemented by lighter wood trim on the windows and the door, while the interior boasts a mix of modified wood, birch plywood panels, and pine floors, which help create texture and warmth. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also high-quality, low maintenance, and durable.

Though it offers just 129 square feet (12 square meters) of living space, Brava manages to offer comfortable accommodation for two dwellers, as well as a lounge, a small kitchen, and a functional bathroom.

For nature lovers, a key aspect of tiny home living is that the outdoor space is neatly integrated into the living space. The team at Madeiguincho managed to do that by adding a spacious covered front deck that can be considered one of the most appealing features of this snug tiny house. It extends the living space to the outside and allows the mother and daughter duo to live in perfect harmony with their beautiful surroundings.

This clever addition can contribute to a substantially better quality of life, as it compensates for the small indoor space with magnificent outdoor views. It's the perfect spot for the mother to engage in artistic endeavors and unleash her creativity. What's more, a double glass entrance door allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas and invites plenty of natural light in.

Brava tiny house on wheels
Photo: Madeiguincho/ Joao Carranca
The cozy indoors are dominated by rich, warm colors and quirky wood furnishings that create an eclectic ambiance. All the areas exude rustic charm thanks to the all-wood design, as well as vintage vibes due to some decor items and a cabinet made from reclaimed wood. A large corner window brightens up the space, while colorful paintings, wood branches used as curtain rods, and boho-style bedding give it a lively look.

On entering, the lounge/downstairs bedroom is located to the right and has a built-in bench for seating and a raised, comfy-looking sleeping area. The main perk provided by this configuration is that the huge corner window allows the residents to take in the views from the comfort of their bed.

On the other end of the house is a really compact kitchen with a country aesthetic. It boasts a few cabinets and drawers for storage, a sink, and some hooks for hanging pots and mugs. We assume a cooktop and a small fridge could also be fitted somewhere to enhance its functionality if the owners plan to use this home for full-time living.

Brava tiny house on wheels
Photo: Madeiguincho/ Joao Carranca
A robust staircase sits between the kitchen and the living room. It has oodles of integrated drawers for the owners' storage needs and leads to the lofted bedroom. As you can see in the photos, the steps are wide enough to also be used as shelves for books and other knick-knacks.

The upstairs sleeping space is a typical tiny house loft with low ceilings and just enough space to fit a double mattress, but it's perfect for those who like to sleep in snug spaces.

Now, you may be wondering where Brava's bathroom is. The designers found a clever space-saving solution to offer decent bathroom facilities by using some of the space under the stairs for it. It's small but still includes the basics, namely a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

With its unique layout, smart space utilization, and quirky interior decor, the Brava is a tiny home full of character. It perfectly reflects its owners' personalities and offers a fantastic opportunity to embrace a simpler life in the middle of nature.

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